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Meet Metalsmith Joel Misita

Enduring. It’s not a word you hear much about anymore, especially regarding custom metal work. It hasn’t disappeared from the design vernacular entirely. But the thoughtfully designed, solidly constructed, well-installed piece has become harder to find, a quest of sorts. In so many instances, we find ourselves at the mercy of cheap and fast–the buzzwords for the bulk of range hoods, cookware, awnings and other metal items purchased and installed in today’s homes. We are left to attempt to design and furnish our homes in an age where quantity rules, and the concept of artistic quality doesn’t enter the equation.

A lifetime resident of historic Natchez, the oldest town on the Mississippi River, metal artisan Joel Misita continues to buck the trend. Today his workshop is housed in the lower level of the home he designed and built for his wife, Catherine, and two children, Joseph and Rachel. As Misita Designs continues to flourish, Joel recognizes that the growth is driven by his desire to create enduring custom metal pieces. Misita Designs can make your ideas and vision come to life…in copper, wrought iron, stainless steel, or whatever you can dream.