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Lighting makes all the difference in a room or an outdoor space. It affects the mood, the warmth, the atmosphere of a place and what happens in it. Custom lighting by Misita Designs, whether a handcrafted sconce, uniquely designed chandelier, copper electrical fixture, or durable outdoor gas lantern, welcomes you into a space. Misita Designs creates gas lanterns and other custom metal lighting fixtures that are sculpturally beautiful, and that bring elegance and character to the space they light.

outdoor metal lantern light

Custom Lighting Design

Misita Designs can provide metal lanterns of all sorts. A lantern can be more than simply a light source. Misita Designs can take the simple function of a gas lantern and make it into a piece of art that creates a mood and accents the building it adorns.

Misita Designs understands that function in a lantern is just as important as form. We can work from your designs or descriptions to create lanterns of just the right style for your design needs and ensure that just the right amount and type of lighting is cast.

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