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A custom pot rack can be a useful and stunning centerpiece for your kitchen.  Misita Designs creates hand-crafted custom pot racks that are aesthetically and functionally beautiful. The warm glow of a copper pot rack, or the weightiness of one made from wrought iron, the smooth finish of a stainless steel pot rack, or the originality of a rack that incorporates various metals and materials, will add character to your kitchen like no other piece can.

Custom Pot Rack Design

When I help a client design a custom pot rack, a great deal of thought and planning goes into the project.  Since there are several styles of pot racks, the first step is to determine which style is most suitable for your custom kitchen.  Yes, I make the pot rack for the kitchen.  A pre-designed pot rack will not work in your custom kitchen.  Your kitchen is just that — yours.  My job as a metalsmith and artist is to make a pot rack that is designed seamlessly for you and your kitchen.

Hanging Pot Rack or Wall-Mounted Pot Rack?

Your kitchen may need a wall-mounted pot rack, a ceiling-mounted hanging pot rack or a counter-to-ceiling pot rack.  The kind of pot rack you choose will depend on your specific needs, and your kitchen layout.  Custom made pot rack hooks are equally important in achieving the one-of-a-kind look and function that you want.  If you have a favorite set of pots, I will make very specific hooks to compliment your pot rack so that the end result is beautiful and enjoyable to use. If you are wanting the ultimate in custome kitchen function and design, I can design and create an heirloom set of copper cookware to go with your custom pot rack for future generations to come.

Copper, Stainless, Wrought Iron or Brass Pot Racks

Once we decide on the design, we then choose the types of metals to use.  The pot rack could be made of copper, stainless steel, wrought iron, or brass, or other metals.  The pot rack could also, and often is, made up of a combination of different metals.  Some factors that will go into choosing the best metal for your kitchen pot rack is to be mindful of what other metals are being used in your custom kitchen. You may want to compliment the other elements in the kitchen or use the hanging pot rack to contrast the other elements and metals found in your custom kitchen in order to create a more striking visual effect.

Lighted Pot Racks & Pot Rack Lighting

One of favorite features to incorporate in my pot racks is lighting.  This addition can greatly enhance the function and look of a beautiful pot rack. This design element can be incorporated in all of my custom pot racks, whether it is a wall-mounted pot rack or a hanging pot rack.  My preference is always to use lighting; it makes any pot rack all the more stunning.  Using lights to enhance your custom pot rack will not only highlight the beauty of the rack itself, but will add ambiance and light to your beautiful unique custom kitchen.

When I partner with a client to create a truly unique one-of-a-kind pot rack, I pay close attention to all of the details.  This approach is essential to my work, and truly sets it apart.  I not only want to hear your story about your kitchen, I must hear YOUR story.  Your pot rack design will help to tell that story as a key element in the work you have done to achieve the kitchen of your dreams.

If you’d like to explore the endless possibilities of designing and building your custom kitchen pot rack together, one that will set it apart from any other pot rack, I invite you to give me a call. No two Misita Designs pot racks are alike and no one else has a kitchen like you do.